What The Signs Fall In Love With

What the signs fall in love with

ARIES: passion, caring, sharing things, darkness, stability, mutual feelings
TAURUS: honesty, common interests, passionate and meaningful conversations
GEMINI: deep talks, stargazing, feeling special, make out sessions
CANCER: honesty, emotional trust, pretty eyes, loyalty, sweetness
LEO: confidence, uniqueness, cute laughs, night drives,
VIRGO: communication, intellect, sensitivity, quality time, aesthetical prettiness
LIBRA: playfulness, closeness, caring words, keeping promises, adoration
SCORPIO: mysteries, passionate kisses, inside jokes, intense staring, good humor
SAGITTARIUS: freedom, late nights, good smells, cute smiles, small talk
CAPRICORN: faithfulness, happiness, dancing, passion, hard-working people
AQUARIUS: breaking rules, laughs, mind connections, softness
PISCES: affection, coziness, observant minds, inside jokes, organization

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