What the Length of Your Hair Says About Your Personality

Length of Your Hair About Personality

We know that personality is a complex topic. Instinctively, when we have the freedom in society to wear our hair whichever way we like, we tend to revert to the type of cut that is suited to—and stereotypical of—our basic personalities.

Choice and Change

Just as we choose our clothes and shoes, and even our spectacles to suit our personality—how we are—we can choose to accentuate aspects of our nature at different times of our lives.

Some people choose their hair length purely for practical reasons, depending on their job or main pleasure activity, and that, in turn, might be reflective of their personality.

Some of us show ourselves to be desirous of acceptance, and will often adapt our hair length to suit the personal preference of a new partner. In the end, though, some sort of compromise might have to be reached, so friends and partners should not be too shocked if suddenly one day you opt for something completely different.

At first, they might be surprised, but they’ll eventually come around to realizing that deep down, you’re still the same person inside. You are, after all, so much more than the length of your hair!

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