What the Length of Your Hair Says About Your Personality

Length of Your Hair About Personality

You’re good at keeping friends since you take life as it comes. Despite being fun-loving, you are warm and sympathetic, perhaps even empathetic, by nature. Your ability to listen makes you an excellent confidante.

Long Hair

Patience is your chief virtue. If you have always had long hair, and no other cut, you tend to daydream and be pensive more than your peers with shorter hair. Despite your daydreams, you tend to side with more conventional, traditional values. You’re often a bookworm, and like nothing more than reading in a cozy armchair with a cup of tea at your side. You tend to be somewhat introverted, but this does not mean that you lack confidence. Your more reserved nature gives you the space to think deeply and seriously about what matters in life.

In relationships, you know precisely the kind of partner you want, and can often be quite demanding when it comes to “keeping up standards.” Some people might view you as being fussy when it comes to keeping your home neat, clean, and tidy. This, like your long, shiny crowning glory, is a source of pride to you.

Patience brings with it perseverance. You have a quite determination that helps you achieve your goals, often much to the envy of your shorter-haired colleagues You have definite views on hair care, and you have always maintained that a good hairbrush, aside from a decent shampoo and other hair care products, is half the battle won. You’ve been using a bamboo brush for quite some time now, and wonder why they weren’t available until now.

What About Color and Curls?

Whether your hair is straight, wavy, or curly also has people making assumptions about your personality. Generally, they seem to think that the curlier your hair, the more fun-loving you are, although there is no data to prove this one way or the other. The use of hair color can indicate a certain degree of adventurousness. The more radical your departure from your natural hair color, the more confident you appear to others. It sends the message that you know what you like, and you’re comfortable with your image.

Daring to be different by dyeing your hair with dramatic colors, such as a dash of bright yellow, purple, green, blue, or pink, might be one way of flagging the rebel within.

Hair dye can be one way to signal aspects of your personality that are not usually assigned to your hair length alone. It’s one way of adding a dimension to your already beautiful self.

Your Best Beauty Asset

Aside from your actual personality, clean, healthy hair, no matter what its length, is your best beauty asset. Hair that is well cared for, with regular professional cuts, and regular shampooing and conditioning, is guaranteed to give people you meet the best impression.

To some extent, your hair care regime will depend on the length of your hair. Shorter hair can often withstand more frequent washing. It is also likely to require a surprising amount of conditioner if the wearer uses styling gel.

Neck-length and shoulder-length hair will need frequent trimming and styling to keep it healthy and keep it in shape. Infrequent visits to your hairstylist will lead to split ends and lackluster hair. And we all know that bah hair days are downright depressing!

A healthy head of hair also lets you transition from short to medium-length and long hair more quickly. And a smile to that, and you have a winning combo!

Changing the Length of Your Hair

If you have had different lengths of hair at various points in your life, you might like to think about why you decided to change, especially if the decision (from very long to very short, for example) was drastic. Perhaps you did the opposite. Maybe you had short hair for years, and then suddenly decided to grow it long, only to revert to your old super-short cut after several years of trying to let it grow.

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