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What Sets The Zodiac Signs Off

What Sets The Zodiac Signs Off

What Sets The Zodiac Signs Off

ARIES: Losing at Uno

TAURUS: Last-minute plan changes

GEMINI: Any vague subtweet that could be even remotely interpreted as being about them

CANCER: Finding out their friends hung out without them

LEO: When someone posts on IG but hasn’t answered their texts

VIRGO: When people actually give them the critique they asked for

LIBRA: Spilling coffee on their favorite white shirt

SCORPIO: Remembering that their best friend’s awful ex still exists

SAGITTARIUS: Being told to calm down when they’re upset

CAPRICORN: Watching other people get praised for shitty work

AQUARIUS: Overhearing mean-spirited gossip about someone they don’t even know

PISCES: Having their one firm boundary crossed

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