What Love Means To You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

 September 15, 2018

What Love Means To You Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Life and love are all about the small gestures between you and your partner. Very little escapes your notice and you like to shower your partner with affection whenever possible. You enjoy the simple joys like watching TV shows on the couch with a box of take-out food. Loyalty is important to you and you’re fine with everything as long as you can trust your partner to have your back in any given situation.



Without peace, there can be no love for you. It is important for you to find a person who is linked to your very soul and who leaves you with a sense of all-encompassing peace. Their presence makes you feel at home in this universe. Midnight conversations while you’re looking up at the stars make you feel deeply connected to your partner.



Just the very idea of love excites you because you sincerely believe that it is one of the most cherished memories you will have in this life. You love enjoying love with your partner. Relationships are a huge deal to you and you never compromise on your commitment to someone. You’re in it for the long run with a person who brings you laughter, interesting conversations and a feeling of shared responsibility for each other.



Being as fiercely independent as you are, there is nothing that puts you off more than the idea of being caged. However, you are still very serious about love. You expect your love to be better than anything you could ever imagine. For you, your partner also has to be a very good friend. You need all the inside jokes, shared plans for the future and adventures possible with your partner.



For you, love means something that is rather traditional. You’re not fond of all the vulnerability that comes with life and just as you are responsible with life, you weigh everything before you feel that way about someone when it comes to the matter of the heart. You love building traditions with your partner. Little things like dinner every Friday, a holiday in the hills once a year, take out Thursdays, etc. are essential to you as they make you feel like the two of you are becoming a family.



Understanding is your key element for love. The other person needs to be able to understand the aspects of your personality that remain a mystery to everyone else except them. Critical thinking and the thirst for knowledge drive you and so, even in love, you expect a partner with whom you can learn more and more every day. Love is like a puzzle that you want to spend the rest of your life-solving.



Your idea of love comes from every single young adult book you’ve ever read. With your heightened sensitivity and gentleness, even your definition of love dwells on creativity and art. Your intuition is powerful and this can be seen in the artsy ways in which you show your love. Love helps you live in a harmonious manner and makes you feel like you are where you need to be.

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What Love Means To You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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