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What Kind Of Lover Would You Be?

What kind of lover would you be?

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Would you take us to a sacred place on the edge of where

the world dissolves and we begin?

Would you take my hand and interlace your fingers between mine,

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knowing that if this was all you could have of me, you would make this feeling last through lifetimes?

Would you lift your hands up and gently cradle my face

while you softly wiped away the tears from my flushed cheeks?

Would you tilt my mouth up to meet your lips and

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brush them gently like a feather across mine?

Would you run your tongue along my bottom lip,

tasting the nectar of this almost kiss?

Would you trace the back of your fingers down the curve

of my neck, your fingertips dancing slowly along with my

collarbone to the rhythm of our hammering hearts as

they break free from their cages?

Would your lips land softly at the base of my throat and

inhale my unspoken truths out one by one?

Would you breathe them in so deeply that they begin to

course through your veins until your entire body is tingling

with recognition?

Would you tuck my hair behind my ear and exhale your

warm bated breath within it to dispel any lingering

uncertainties and fears of unrequited love?

Would you run your fingers through my hair,

grasping the sides of my head with your palms as

your eyes bore into mine and without a single word

uttered from your lips begin to tell me a completely

different story than the one we’ve been writing?

Would you show me a lifetime of “what if’s” and “if only’s”

until the veil between us is lifted and we discover that

our separation has been one long illusion?

Together would we understand that all of the pain and

the sorrow of heartache and longing, of running and chasing,

were just layers of our egos shedding off until we saw within

each other’s eyes a connection so deep and vast that

it has spanned lifetime after lifetime since our

emergence as one into this gloriously chaotic universe?

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    Awakening Dawn
    Author, Teacher, Spiritual Mentor, Reiki Practitioner, Energy Healer, Artist I aspire to guide and inspire mind, body, and soul healing, mindfulness, self-care and self-love through the sharing of my thoughts, experiences, and ideas.
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