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What Keeps The Zodiac Signs Up At Night

What Keeps The Zodiac Signs Up At Night

What Keeps The Zodiac Signs Up At Night

ARIES: Keeps coming up with new ideas that they need to jot down

TAURUS: Went to bed promptly at 10 pm, thank you very much

GEMINI: Finishing a Coen brothers marathon with their film club

CANCER: The jolt of energy they get once the Moon comes out

LEO: Worrying about the fact that their crush hasn’t texted back

VIRGO: Rehearsing hypothetical disaster scenarios in their head

LIBRA: Watching product reviews on YouTube on autoplay

SCORPIO: Embarked on a long walk as soon as it got dark out

SAGITTARIUS: Convinced their friends to stay out for just one more drink

CAPRICORN: Their current biohacking regimen mandates waking up at two-hour intervals to stay alert

AQUARIUS: Staying up until it’s time to meet their new fling for a twilight rendezvous

PISCES: Made an espresso at 7 pm against their better judgment

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