What Keeps Me Alive At Night – Scary Story

Keeps Me Alive At Night

My confidence dropped miles as I realized how my trembling voice revealed my growing fear. But the kid just stood there without even uttering a single word in response. You’ve never experienced anxiety the way I did that night as his expressionless face & soulless eyes kept staring at me. I asked him again. This time trying to be a bit more assertive.

Your father…is he awake? I need to speak to him. Can you call him, please?

But he just stood there in the exact same position with his head slightly tilted. I could feel my heart pulsating and my veins throbbing. I could clearly hear someone inside my head screaming at me to run away and never come back. But I was too frozen in fear to think.

I asked him again. 

Still no response. I tried to look inside hoping to see his parents standing behind him. But there was nothing…except silence & darkness. I spoke again.

Okay! Can you tell your parents to keep it down? Some of us are trying to sleep here. I would really….

But I couldn’t finish. His gaze had started to haunt me by now. I looked deep into his hypnotic eyes as if I was getting lost in some sinister trance. That’s when I noticed it. How couldn’t I see this before? Blood. Dry dark blood that dripped from his temple across the side of his face and all around his neck. Startled, I immediately took a step back. 

I need to call the cops. This guy is crazy. Who hits a small child like this? I thought to myself.

Suddenly the kid started twitching. And that’s when it happened. It fell down flat and rolled right up to my feet. His head…his hastily severed head fell down on the floor and rolled up to my feet leaving a thin trail of black gooey pulp from the darkness inside. His emotionless dead eyes kept staring at me trying to corrupt my soul with unbound terror. I stood still in shock, gasping in disbelief at the small decapitated head near my feet. Out of instinct I looked up at the door. And for a brief second, I saw what I thought was the pale face of his mother looking back at me from behind the door. But her eyes…they were all black. They were not empty…just pitch black. Before I could understand anything…the door slammed shut faster than I could blink.

What happened next is still a bit fuzzy to be honest. 

I remember puking right after the door closed and fell down several times while sprinting back to my apartment. The darkened corridor seemed like the gateway to hell as I kept looking back repeatedly trying to make sure that thing was not following me. I closed my door so hard that the door frame cracked at one corner. I locked the door fast and fortified it with whatever furniture I had. Needless to say, I called the cops immediately and stayed holed up in my bathroom until they came.

Little did I know the nightmare was yet to be over. 

Being the sole witness to the incident, I spent the next few days, mostly at the police station. The cops interrogated me repeatedly about what exactly happened. But they simply refused to believe me. Even though I told them the same thing every single time, they just couldn’t believe what I said. I couldn’t blame them. I guess they considered me a suspect initially but after conducting a thorough investigation, they finally managed to figure out what exactly happened inside that hellhole.

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