What Keeps Me Alive At Night – Scary Story

In the meantime, my manager made sure to get me fired using all this homicide controversy. But I didn’t care anymore. I was already too disturbed with the troubling piece of information revealed by the police investigation. It did not answer any of the questions that were haunting me since that night.

Who was inside that godforsaken apartment that night? 

Who opened the door? 

Was someone holding up the kid’s head? 

Or was it up there by itself?

Did I see the mother behind the door?

But she was dead too. 

Then how did I see her standing there like that? 

Was she even standing?

Did I see a ghost?

Wait…what was that loud thumping sound?

Was someone playing ball against the wall with the heads?

Were they trying to make contact with me? 

Were they trying to tell me that their family was dead?

Or were they just trying to taunt me?

I cannot explain what I was going through at the time. My anxiety levels were so high I had to get back to my antidepressants just to calm my nerves. I was beyond scared at that point. Nothing made sense. I couldn’t find any answers to any of my questions. Hundreds of weird thoughts crossed my mind. I even wondered if the decapitated heads were hitting themselves on the shared wall to create that banging sound…all just to get my attention and make me discover the horrible fate that befell on their family. I was terrified to even think about what the truth would be. But then why after 5 days? Why not before?

The only silver lining from this horrifyingly traumatic experience was that Emma reached out to me. With all the news surrounding the murders, she got worried sick about me and called to check up on me up. We started talking and one thing led to another and we decided to give it another shot.

It’s been 5 days since everything. I am going back to my hometown. Back to my life. And Emma is coming down to help me move back. Tonight is my last night in this apartment. The last few days have been uneventful…thankfully. But only I know how I have spent the last 5 nights in here knowing what happened just behind those walls. I stayed awake all night and slept through the day. What else could I do? How else could I sleep? 

Thank God for Emma!

I felt utterly cringed even to realise I had to spend a few more hours in this godforsaken building. I was getting impatient and couldn’t wait for Emma any longer. She said she would reach here just after midnight as her flight was delayed. So I tried to get some shut-eye before she came as I felt exhausted by overthinking about the whole ordeal.




As I jolted up on my bed, it felt like my head was about to explode. 




This can’t be. No! This is not happening. I am imagining things. I told myself.

I felt my heart pound with terror at every beat. I looked at the clock. 1:39 am. I grabbed my phone. A new text from Emma.

Be there in 30.

That was an hour ago. Where is she?




No. Not again. No! No! No! Tears rolled down my eyes as I tried to contain my fear.

My phone started to vibrate. Emma calling.

I remembered something. The baby…the unborn baby. The woman…she tried to flush it down the toilet. But couldn’t. That’s what the cops said.

My phone vibrated louder and louder.

I realised something. The cops…they never found the corpse of the unborn child. 




I picked up the phone and received her call.

Liam? Babe, I’m here. Where are you? Why is it so dark inside? Your door’s open. Should I go in?

What? What is she talking about? 

I am at your apartment…7A. Why is it so dark? Oh…I see you inside. I’m coming in my little devil.

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Theo Harrison
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