What It Means To Be A Forever Person For Your Zodiac Sign

 August 21, 2018

What It Means To Be A Forever Person For Your Zodiac Sign


CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

You’re an old soul, Capricorn. You have this maturity that may intimidate others. You are always hard working and sometimes unemotional. So a forever person for you is someone who can take you out of your shell. Someone who entices you to enjoy life and give you the taste of YOLO mentality. They will give you the joy you’ve never experienced but at the same time, they support you for being responsible. It’s just that they serve as your escape whenever you feel inundated with everything you need to do. Your forever person will help you with your dreams and passion. They will make everything easy for you. They will not make you feel like you’re boring, but they will nurture you by delivering you from toxic, mundane routines. They spice up your monotonous world.


AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

You’re often considered weird for your behavior and thinking but you charm people with your intelligence. With that fact, a forever person for you is someone who adheres to your principles. Who doesn’t laugh at them but studies them and lives up with them? They are not ashamed of how you think, of how you solve things differently, and they dive in your profoundness. They know that behind that serenity are boisterous voices of wild ideas and radical conceptions. Your forever person is a sapiosexual. They love your depth because they learn from them and they feel like they imbibe your wisdom. They will always love to discover and realize things with you. You’ll share philosophies to be put in the center of your relationship.


PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

The most romantic, sweetest sign. You enjoy tangible affection and you never find it cringe-worthy. A forever person for you is simply someone who’s a bit childish too. Someone who gets jealous. Someone who still wants to exchange cute presents with you. Someone who is clingy. Who does a pinky promise every time you get back together after a petty fight? You enjoy these things, Pisces and you will never want someone who’s too serious and mature. Your forever person appreciates your childish romance and even if they can’t fully match your affectionate and expressive love, they will allow you to grow. They will find you high-maintenance but they will never get tired of making you happy. At the same time, they will be there to instill in you that it’s not supposed to be always a chocolates-and-flowers kind of love. They will widen your perspectives on love.

Written by Karla Crisostomo
Originally appeared on Thought Catalog
Printed with permission from the author

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What It Means To Be A Forever Person For Your Zodiac Sign