What Is Your Soul Symbol? Your Birth Month Has The Answer

What Your Soul Symbol

9. September – Flower

What Is Your Soul Symbol? Your Birth Month Has The Answer

If your soul symbol is the flower then you are someone who has a very innocent and beautiful heart, and no matter where you go, you spread a lot of happiness and joy around. You are all about serenity and peace. You bring beauty to this mundane world. The warmth you radiate makes people take a break from their fast-paced life for a while and enjoy the tranquillity.

Your beautiful heart and soul are your USP and you never compromise on that, no matter how hard life gets or how badly someone hurts you. You always focus on your inner strength, positivity, and beauty.

10. October – Star

What Is Your Soul Symbol? Your Birth Month Has The Answer

You are everyone’s guiding light, always showing others the way. Success for you isn’t about yourself but about how you inspire others and help them be the best versions of themselves. You strive towards making others feel good about themselves and help them fulfill all their goals and dreams.

However, you need to give time to yourself too and practice a bit of self-love so that you don’t burn out. Unless you treat yourself well and love yourself, you will not be able to continue to do the same for others.

11. November – Tree

What Is Your Soul Symbol? Your Birth Month Has The Answer

Just like your soul symbol, the tree, you serve as the support system for everyone else. You give shelter and provide everything for others like the tree. Your strong trunk and roots help you to support others, and your branches provide protection and shelter from all the storms of life. Whatever good you do, you do it without expecting anything in return.

But don’t you think you need to give water to your own roots too? You need to be protected and treated well too, just like you do for others. Don’t go on sacrificing your happiness for others every time. You have a beautiful soul, but never let your kindness and generosity push you to accept less than what you really deserve.

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12. December – Water

What Is Your Soul Symbol? Your Birth Month Has The Answer

Like the changing water, you behave differently in different situations; you are an ever-changing and fluid human being. You can be the calm one among your friends but instigated by a storm, you can be dangerous like the turbulent waves, all geared up to face anything that comes in your way.

You are an extremely strong person who refuses to be defeated when life gets tough, and no matter how hard it might get, you always find a way to make everything for yourself, and your loved ones.

So, what is your birth month, and which one is your soul symbol? Let us know in the comments down below!

What Is Your Soul Symbol Your birth month has the answer
What Your Soul Symbol pin
What Is Your Soul Symbol? Your Birth Month Has The Answer

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  1. Everything you’ve said is true from the very first to the last word but it doesn’t help much,does it?This cruel,cold,insensitive world we live in is not a good place for us.We give so much and get so little in return and it hurts.

  2. Phoenix! Makes sense to me! Would love to read more about the Phoenix Soul Symbol as the others I could see very closely represent those I know born to those months! This is awesome thank you!

  3. I have always wondered if any of this stuff actually exists, and now I might have my answer. I have been drawn to wolves for a while now, but I never knew why. Now I do!

  4. Colleen Callander

    Amazing I love this stuff and I am a believer , it is the true in-depth in to our souls that makes us who we are,

  5. Ruben Arreguin

    Well it concerns me why I wasn’t able to find what the soul symbol for December a Sagittarius is because ALL the other months were available??

    1. Hi! The article is fixed now. Please check the updated article. Thank you so much for your comment. Hope you are safe and well.

  6. Where is the paragraph describing what the Tree for November means? I can’t find it anywhere. It’s cut off on the 2nd page and when I go to the 3rd it starts with December. Doesn’t mention the tree meaning anywhere on page 3.

  7. Just me I love it and the idea but I would like to know why only November October September August July and June are the page I even
    scrolled down all the way and it was all ads so I’m not being mean I would just like to know Why?

  8. I understand the “being
    alone” feeling. Sometimes
    I just talk “literally” to GOD. Cuz I know HE listens. Maine Coon

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