What Is Your Emotional Personality Type? – Personality Quiz

Find out emotional personality type, how your views and feelings link your brain, body, and sixth sense.

8 Questions that will lead to find out your emotional personality type. Which one of the following type are you?

Type A – Self Driven & Competitive

Type B – Intuitive & Charismatic

Type C – Curious & Bright

Type D – Self Motivated & Positive

Type X – Imaginative & Artistic




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What Is Your Emotional Personality Type – Personality Quiz

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  1. Type B: Intuitive and Charismatic

    You are charismatic, broad-minded and hardly ever stressed. You take things as they come. You’re usually cheerful and carefree, and people love hanging out with you because you’re entertaining and fun to be around. Your personality type is characterized by a lack of urgency. You feel that you’re able to get work done in your own pace without being driven by deadlines. You’re less competitive in nature, and not stressed about outcome and success. You’re able to handle failures very well, taking them as obstructions and moving on to bigger plans and ideas. You’re open-minded and flexible, never give in to pressure, and hardly ever complain. You like connecting with people and forming strong emotional bonds. Your social life must be flourishing!!

  2. “Type X: Imaginative and Artistic

    The rare type “X” points to a combination of two or more emotional personality types.
    You stand at an intersection. You’re emotionally reactive and might have mood-swings. You take an artistic approach to all aspects of your life. Like the majority of poets, novelists, composers, painters, and sculptors, you’re bound to spend a great deal of your time by yourself. You are quite likely to choose relationships which will further your work rather than emotional connections. You’re highly disciplined, gifted with superior powers of concentration, and capable of producing great quantities of high-quality work. Although you may adopt an aggressive, tough exterior, you tend to be remarkably gentle, kind, and generous. You love the outdoors, feel quite at home in the wilds; and nature seems to welcome you!!”