What Is The Point Of Life? The Answer Is Not What You May Think It Is

What Is The Point Of LifE

Death is only an aspect of life that we need to accept and acknowledge. From the pyramids of ancient Egypt and the Tibetan Book of Dead to the idea of heaven and hell in most religions, death was seen as a natural part and progression to life by our ancestors. They approached death with different perspectives. “Real or not, positive or evil, at least such approaches existed. Our ancestors at least gave a place for death in their understanding of life,” adds Rudá. 

What Is The Point Of Life? The Answer Is Not What You May Think It Is

However, today we have somewhat “banalized” death with our movies and media. Our lives have become so busy nowadays that we don’t pause for a moment to live, to think about our feelings regarding life and death. We live inside a hypothetical mental and emotional cocoon that protects us from such difficult thoughts and emotions. “But facing the question of death and all the emotions hidden under its surface is one of the bravest and most productive things a human being can do,” explains Rudá. This is perhaps the most helpful and clear way to find the answer to the question “What is the point of life?

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Understanding your life purpose

Life is a constant struggle and we don’t even know when it might all end. So we keep asking ourselves again and again – what is the point of life? Shaman Rudá Iandê explains ‘The nature of life cannot be interpreted by our intellect. It will never make sense to our minds.” Although we may never find a satisfactory answer, we may often find the truth right in front of us. It’s to just be ourselves and enjoy every moment while we are here.

The key is to observe and understand our instinctive & natural responses to various existential crises as that is exactly what defines who we are as human beings. Here are a few observations that Rudá believes can help us understand our attitude and behavior through life and death:

1. We have infinite individual power

We are fighters. We are warriors. And we are survivors. That is who we are at our core. We fight all our lives trying to overcome challenges and obstacles that life throws at us. Sometimes we win, sometimes we learn. We are here we are because we fought life. We are life warriors. Rudá writes “Each of your skills, you’ve developed through effort. Nothing came for free… Our warrior spirit, combined with our creativity and ingenuity, makes us incredible beings!

We, as a society and as individuals, have struggled at every stage and fought through everything to achieve the impossible. We have to live and thrive in a dangerous, wild and unbelievably competitive world every single day. “And despite all the challenges around and within ourselves, we don’t stop our fight,” he adds. We have inherent infinite power within us that makes us amazing. And irrespective of how worn down we may be, we can always tap into it.

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What Is The Point Of Life? The Answer Is Not What You May Think It Is

2. Outcomes don’t matter, our actions do

One of the biggest problems with our mindset today is that we are more focused on the outcome than the process. Success is valued more than skill or effort. Such type of social mentality and behavior has made us highly stressed and anxious. When we ask ourselves “What is the point of lie?” and include death into the equation, then all our achievements and successes become meaningless. The only thing that matters in the end is how well you experienced life. It is your effort and your personal satisfaction that will matter more than your wins or losses.

Rudá explains that the joy, pride and boost in self confidence, self-esteem and ego that comes with our accomplishments is nothing but fragile. He adds “It vanishes after a few days, if not hours. But you can focus on your actions, instead of on the results, and it can make all the difference in your life.” The only thing that we truly have is the present moment. No matter how hard you try, you will never get to experience this very moment ever again. So the best way to live is to be mindful and make the most out of now. Real miracles happen when you stop trying to avoid your present,” he adds. It is crucial that we acknowledge our emotions in the present moment and open up to life. This will help us connect with others and be more compassionate. “Your most precious asset is your present moment. It doesn’t matter how much you dream of a better life, don’t neglect the life you already have,” explains Rudá.

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