What Is Real Love..

What Is Real Love

Some confuse love with the money in the bank account; the shape of a person’s body and even their physical appearance.. They also think love is just about having a physical relationship and expecting expensive gifts in return.. 

Sadly that’s not love.. Even I can’t explain it.. All I know is true love is rare but once you find it, it’s a beautiful feeling.. It’s having a special bond; an emotional connection that connects your heart and soul… A love that’s so special that even though you may have your silly fights and arguments, you still can’t live without that person.. You can’t wait for their calls, texts, even meeting..

You worry about them, care about them and they do the same.. It’s a person that makes your heart beat race.. A promise to always be together.. Through sunshine and rainstorms.. Love is never perfect.. Nor is the person. It’s more about loving the imperfect person.. With all your heart.. And not want to replace them with someone else ever. 

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