What is Power?


What is power? I wonder

Cause I learnt in school that it’s something called the ability to do work

And all along it was loud and clear

Until when I bumped myself into reality

Forcing me to accept what it is now

The meaning missing in a dictionary

Twisted, broken and misunderstood

Chasing us on the flight of success and growth

Across the horizon of unforgiveness and loath

The scars and burns which seems to never heal

The eyes shedding unending teardrops if you ever could feel

Throwing a jubilant life into jeopardy

Souls already scalded in steam of negative energy

Still, riding the horses of desires day in day out

If winning the ultimate race is the only thing they could think about

Heavy noises inside

But no one’s here to guide

Utterly bewildering

Yet I can’t stop all these from happening

The nightly shadows slowly eclipsing good moon

These shadows growing bigger and bigger than the world soon

The day is not far when all wise men will disappear

No one to turn to, someone who can see our pain or fear

No wonder if Hitler or Lenin still living

Taking back us to the time when life was unforgiving

So it’s time to redefine power again

Using this strength like a gift and not for personal gain.

To mend relations and be the voice of the downtrodden

To let others grow too taking away that unnecessary burden.

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