What is Minimalism and How It Can Make You Happier

What is Minimalism and How It Can Make You Happier

Here’s what minimalism is not:

1. It is not about getting rid of every material possession you own

Minimalism is not about living in poverty or hardship. It is not about giving up a comfortable life. It is about deliberately choosing to live with less stuff and make more time for life.

2. It is not restrictive and it doesn’t make life hard for you

Minimalism is about eliminating things that you don’t use or need or that doesn’t add to your life. It is not about getting rid of things which you do use and which makes it easy for you to live your life.

3. It is not about being frugal 

Being frugal is about saving money at every opportunity and being careful about what you spend on. Minimalism can help you save money by spending less, but that is not the primary objective here. The goal is to focus more on what matters to you.

4. There are no set of rules and standards 

It is not necessary for you to follow any specific rules or standards to become a minimalist. You can choose and follow your own rules and modify them accordingly as your life changes.

5. It is not only for single, young people

You can choose to be a minimalist even if you have a family and children. Being a minimalist has nothing to do with your geography, profession or your marital status. You can practice minimalism whether you are single or part of a large family.

6. It is not only about ‘stuff’

Minimalism is not just about our material possessions. The lifestyle philosophy can be applied to almost all aspects of our lives. It is about understanding your values, what is important and removing anything that distracts you.

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Why adopt a minimalist lifestyle?

“You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need.” – Vernon Howard

Are you thinking about becoming a minimalist and making changes to your lifestyle? Well, it can actually help you live a better, happier and more meaningful life.

Here are the top 10 benefits of living life as a minimalist.

1. Experience mental clarity & peace

Most of us get attached to our material possessions. Don’t believe me? How close are you to your iPhone? Got the answer? Right. As I was saying, giving too much value to our material possessions can lead to stress and anxiety because we are afraid we might lose them. Minimalism allows you to detach from these ‘things’ and simplify your life. This will help you find peace of mind and clarity. The less things we own, the less stressed we will be. Minimalism boosts our mental health.

2. Live a healthier, better life

Did you know clearing out your house of unnecessary things can make you feel emotionally healthier? Research has found that clearing out clutter can help your mind feel calmer and more relaxed. When you get rid of something that you don’t use, love or need, it creates more physical and mental space in your life.

Moreover, as you spend less time shopping and buying unnecessary things, you can manage more time to invest in yourself and your health. You can finally find time to do all the things you love. Want to lose some weight? Hit the gym. Want to start painting? Go for it. Want to write a book? Type away. Being a minimalist allows you to manage time to pursue your passions and focus on your hobbies. You can start working out, meditate, practice yoga, read a book, write a story, or even go traveling. You can finally heal your soul.

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3. Enjoy a life of freedom

How many things do you own? How many new things do you wish to buy and own? You work hard and long to give your family a comfortable life and in the process you end up owning stuff that you don’t even need. This buying and owning of things over and over again ties you down and makes you feel heavy. The more things you possess, the more afraid you are of losing them. Minimalism empowers you to let go and set yourself free. You experience a new sense of freedom from overworking, obsession, attachment, greed and debt. Once you free yourself, you can choose to do the job you love, work for yourself, build a dream career, enjoy a day off and have a life.

4. Breathe 

When you declutter your attic, closet and drawers, you will have more physical space in your home. You will find more space in your house to move around freely. Moreover, by detaching yourself from physical things that you were clinging on to, you will be able to breathe easily. You can finally let go of all the physical, mental, emotional and financial burden that felt heavy on your chest. Now you can simply sit back and breathe in life and breathe out stress. Talk about living in the moment. This is how you experience mindfulness.

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