What Is Love?

What Is Love

Love understands, there are no conditions, just acceptance and appreciation

Love asks for nothing and gives everything, allowing us to fall as we are caught safely within the arms of its embrace

We are granted permission to think with the heart and know the answers, Its light allows us to see in the dark and find solace in turmoil

Love means everything, yet it is impossible to defineImmeasurable potential and total fulfilment working harmoniously as one

This invisible pulsating thread keeps us connected, allowing us to travel on the open road and still find our way home

Love has the unlimited capacity to save, heal and restore, Nourishing, uplifting and helping us to grow, it is an endless blossoming of the soul

The greatest force in the universe is infinite, eternal and pure,A life force that teaches us to be bold and dares us to dream

Love is the answer and love will set us free.

By Kayley Easterbrook

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