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What I Want To Ask The Signs

What I Want To Ask The Signs

What I Want To Ask The Signs  

Aries: Why do you leave all the best things that have ever happened to you behind?  

Taurus: Why won’t you open yourself up and trust anyone?  

Gemini: Why can’t you forget about the past?  

Cancer: How do you give everyone so much love, and yet never run out?  

Leo: Why do you always hide your true self? Why can’t you let people see that you’re actually a kind person?  

Virgo: Why did you change for someone else?  

Libra: Why won’t you just let it all go for just a minute? Do something crazy?  

Scorpio: Why do you care so much about how people perceive you?  

Sagittarius: Why won’t you show emotion in public? Why don’t you let anyone but your closest friends see your soul?  

Capricorn: Why do you keep pretending that you don’t care about anything?  

Aquarius: Why won’t you share your talent with the world?  

Pisces: Why won’t you express affection anymore? Who broke your heart?

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