Has this thought bothered you too? Here’s a whole list of perspectives on the matter by different schools of thought.

Death Cannot Be An End


When I lost my father three years ago, I could not believe that he had left our lives permanently. I refused to believe that he had just vanished into the blue. Surely, he had gone somewhere safe and continued to be there for his family, where he could receive our telepathic love and watch over us? Death could just not be the end. Such are the thoughts that have prompted humanity to examine whether there is indeed life after death, what is known as afterlife.

Soul Searching


Most religions talks of the soul or atma that never perishes, that leaves the body after the latter has become lifeless. So, where does this imperishable entity go? Does it just float around on the earth plane (which we probably perceive as ghosts) or does it go to another plane or world where it has a non-human experience?
Tunnel To Where


There have been many cases of patients in coma (considered a state of death) recounting after coming out of it, to have seen a tunnel which has light at the end of it. Is it a glimpse of a journey to another place? Well, we certainly can’t say for certain.
A Wow Place


Apple founder Steve Jobs, just before he died, was heard by near and dear ones as saying “Oh wow, Oh wow, Oh wow”…and died soon afterwords. So, what did his last words mean? Was he happy to die? Was he feeling free of the pain of cancer? Or was he seeing something we couldn’t even imagine? Was it the place he would soon go to?
Dream Sequence


When British neurosurgeon Dr Eben Alexander recovered from his coma, he described an experience which apparently convinced him that an afterlife did exist. It was of the lavishly conventional kind – fluffy clouds, shimmering beings and a beautiful, blue-eyed guide…
Embracing Afterlife


The general human tendency is to fear death, even fear any talk of death, and fear afterlife as well. But why this fear, even “shyness”, to accept the inevitable, when a long history of people dying is before us? Doesn’t our incapacity to accept death make us more miserable in our old age? Doesn’t the theory of an afterlife (as well as reincarnation) give one fresh hope as opposed to a final, all-conclusive Death?
An Out-Of-Body Experience


A theory exists which says that after death, one’s soul rises above one’s dead body. This has been experienced by many patients in comatose state, similar to Dr Alexander. This also proves the fact that the body and soul are separate entities, one being destructible, the other eternal.
Near Death Experience


Many cases of Near Death Experiences (NDEs) are being reported nowadays. According to a study, one in ten cardiac arrest survivors reported having experienced them during their heart failure.
Everything Becomes Crystal Clear


A person who experienced NDE has described it thus: “All of a sudden, it just came over me and I was in it. I was in that light, and I came to this beautiful area. It’s not human, so it’s difficult to express it humanly, but the room was beautiful. Unlike a dream that was never clear, this was so clear.”
God Speaks


Another patient claims she saw God telling her to go back after she died of brain aneurysm. She says, “I had such a sense of knowingness there. Everything made sense…”
When You Know You Have Died


Here’s another first-hand experience of a woman in Intensive Care: “Suddenly, I felt my entire body being sucked up into the white light above. I found myself in a white tunnel, and I knew I had died. Away from the cursing of the medics and the bleeps of the machines, there was a wonderful sense of calm. Instead of awful pain, I felt light and clear-headed. I knew what was happening but I felt no fear. I knew I had to join my loved ones who were already on the other side. It was a tranquil and warm acceptance. I walked down the white tunnel. At the end stood a gate. I remember nothing else until I woke up in intensive care.”
Scientists’ Theory


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