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What Gaslighting Sounds Like

What Gaslighting Sounds Like
Gaslighting Sounds Like:

• “You sound crazy”
• “Overreacting again I see”
• “I never said that”
• “It’s not a big deal”
• “Why are you so defensive”
• “You are so dramatic”
• “If I am so bad to you why are you still here?”
• “This is your fault”
• “I was joking when I said that obviously”
• “You really need help”
• “Your mind is messing with you again, huh?”

Feels Like:

• Am I crazy?
• Doubting my reality
• Ignoring my own feelings
• Actions don’t match words
• Difficulty making decisions
• Apologizing but not knowing what you did wrong
• Love supply from partner shut off until you comply

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