What The Last Digit Of Your Birth Year Reveals About Your Personality


Last Digit Your Birth Year Reveals Personality

The pseudoscience of numerology is an interesting subject. A lot has been spoken and written on it. You may also have your own questions and views on the matter. If you are interested in this interesting branch of Science, this particular information may or may not surprise you. But did you know that the last digit of your birth year bears significance in your personality traits, life choices, and intelligence?

Also, each number is associated with a particular element of nature. In natural sciences elements play a pivotal role in the proliferation and mechanisms of various cycles.

Read on to find out what secrets and traits the last digit of your birth year reveals.

Here Is What The Last Digit Of Your Birth Year Reveals About Your Personality

1. 0-1

Born in the years 1950, 1960, 2000, 1971, 1981, 2011 etc.

People born in these years have the element, Metal.

The metals are generally characterized by their hard, malleable, and ductile nature. Likewise, the people born with the last digit 0 or 1 in their birth year are strong and resilient by nature. Like some metals can be shaped into many forms, these people are free-spirited and adaptable in character. However, in spite of being ambitious, they stay strong in their values.

Their desire for luxury and possessions is a relapse though. Like the starting numbers 0 or 1, they never back down from their motivation and always prefer to be the best in everything they do. All the Metals note: Losing sometimes is not an issue. Don’t be hard on yourself!

2. 2-3

Born in the years 1952, 1962, 2002, 1973, 1983, 2003 etc.

People born in these years have the element, Water.

People with 2-3 as the last digit in their birth year are artistic and creative. They are very resourceful and they use their resources in helping out other people. These people are very compassionate, and sympathetic to the well-being of others. Water cannot be stagnant. Likewise, these people are always on the go. You would always find these people doing something or the other.

However, they are suckers for details. They will nit-pick even the minutest of mistakes and harp on it for hours end. This makes it difficult to deal with them. Water O Water learn to put on the shutters on details!

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3. 4-5

Born in the years 1954, 1964, 2004, 1975, 1985, 2005 etc.

People born in these years have the element, Wood.

Come what may these people have the conviction in them to stand strong in the face of adversaries. They are also inherently knowledgeable. They would always have some interesting bit of information or knowledge to share. Their experiences and knowledge in various matters inspire others to deal with decision making in life. Naturally, these people have a very active social life.

People born with 4 or 5 in their birth year as the last digit are very possessive though! For their loved ones they can twist and do whatever they deem best in that situation. Hey, Wood you cannot solve every problem for everybody, ok!

4. 6-7

Born in the years 1956, 1966, 2006, 1977, 1987, 2007 etc.

People born in these years have the element, Fire.

People bearing the digit 6 or 7 as the last in their birth year are very passionate beings. Like fire, they are adventurous, impulsive and reckless. Their beauty and glamour dazzle everyone around them. They have an innate sensuality in them that attracts admirers (irrespective of gender) from all sides like a moth is attracted to the flame!

And oh yes! Flames they are. When in a relationship, their partners have difficulty in warding off all the admirers. On the negative side, these people stress a lot on very little matters. Dear Fire does not stress much, enjoy life!

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5. 8-9

Born in the years 1958, 1968, 2008, 1979, 1989, 2009 etc.

People born in these years have the element, Earth.

The people born with 8 0r 9 in their birth year as the last digit are the most stable beings. They are reliable, patient, cautious, and loyal. They, in fact, are very self-sacrificing. They are logical and pragmatic. These qualities make them successful in most ventures they undertake.

However, they have trust issues. They do not trust easily. They can also be very controlling and stubborn. Relax Earth! Take a deep breath and learn to let go and live in the moment.

It’s all in the numbers! The numbers have all the answers. What does your last digit say about you? Delving into numerology can tell you about a lot of things regarding your career, health, love life, and life in general. Play with some numbers, will you then?

What Does the Last Digit of Your Birth Year Reveal About You
Last Digit Your Birth Year Reveals Personality pin
What The Last Digit Of Your Birth Year Reveals About Your Personality

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