What Breaking Up Teaches Us About Life and Ourselves

What Breaking Up Teaches Us About Life & Ourselves

I certainly wasn’t able to view those tumultuous times as important or formative. I did not appreciate how they shaped me into who I was, how I would be less emotionally competent or mature without them. I shudder to think how romantically toxic I would be without such heartache.

I am still learning from those experiences today. I do not think back on those relationships and long for them. They are incredible teachers that have given me more than I expected. While I will never seek out heartache, I am so very grateful for my experience with it.

It has made me a better person, and hopefully, a better partner.

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Written by Jed Diamond Ph.D
Originally appeared in The Goodmen Project

The beauty of breaking up

Breaking up with a romantic partner can teach us a lot of valuable life lessons. When you look back and realize that you’ve grown as a person through your breakups, you will understand that each heart-wrenching break up was, in fact, a blessing in disguise. 

Sometimes life becomes difficult before it gets better. Sometimes you have to go through pain before experiencing unconditional love. That’s how it is. Breaking up can be surely painful, but it’s important that you go through the process, find clarity, and heal your soul. This is how the universe conspires to lead us to our soul mate, the one person we are truly meant to be with.

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What Breaking Up Teaches Us About Life & Ourselves

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