What are your top 2 goals for 2017?

What are your top 2 goals for 2017?

What are your top 2 goals for 2017?

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232 thoughts on “What are your top 2 goals for 2017?”

  1. to complete projects and seeing others happy in order for me to also enjoy my kind of happiness…i will also pray for agnostics, pagans & atheists to realise no matter what, there is someone called GOD…& he is real & living…

  2. Getting an ideal body figure and i just gonna do things i wanna do despite of the opinion of my friends. I learnt that it always ruin my day taking into account their advice. I just should listen to myself more..aww

  3. First-To achieve my aim..and2nd- don’t let anybody else ruin my peace of mind…I’ll give this year to me ..I’ll be selfish this year ..cz nobody else deserve my time to ruin my happiness…I’ll try to find peace within me..not in others …

  4. To fulfill another dream aside from having our own place which i was able to fulfill as 2016 sen in…
    Secondly, to be able to have a REAL vacation to relax, enjoy and have fun…(actually i have just looked at the calendar and already setting temporary months and dates… I need this vacay badly)

  5. People who talk about their intentions are less likely to make them happen. Announcing your plans to others satisfies your self-identity just enough that you’re less motivated to do it.

    1. Pakistan Doing engineering, It feels me sometimes very awkward when i tell foreign people about my country and they are like ugh.. But unfortunately i have to speak truth.

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