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What are Your Divine Feminine and Masculine Creative Energies?

What are Your Divine Feminine and Masculine Creative Energies?

Anna comments on rebalancing

(Anna, Mother of Mother Mary, is a member of the collective known as the Teachers of Light)

I am very pleased to be a presenter at this time. Aeons ago, before I walked your Earth, there was a separation, a fracture that took place within the creative realms of form. There was a mutation that began to occur within the energetics of the creative process. This split and fracture were in the energies that held everything in operation and held everything in unity. Part of that fracture was within the energetic positioning of the masculine-feminine unit. It was in that fracturing within the energetics that there came an aspect of domination and submissiveness. This polarity began to creep into the energetics of the creative process.

To be the evolved, Light being you came here to experience, there must be within you the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. We bring in and show to you the importance of this. It is the Feminine, the matriarch, the wise one, the teacher who will open up that space within the fifth dimension that allows for the Masculine to enter and to be present in full power. Never dominant over, but in perfect unity with, in perfected divine Love.

I cannot tell you strongly enough how important this is. This collective of Teachers offers you specific tools to once and for all eliminate the third dimension and embrace yourself as that perfected divine image. For if the Golden Age is to reign and there is to be peace and love and harmony on your planet, as you so desire, this presence must be here in the physical, in every energetic aspect of the fifth dimension and above.

The Unification Process

As this unification takes place, your unreleased baggage and limiting beliefs that have not been addressed will surface. That programming must be cleared out of your energetic system in order for you to accept and embrace yourself as that unified Divine being. This is a crucial point. For so long how you viewed yourself was responsible for a great portion of the fragmentation and pain that was present in your mental and emotional bodies, therefore manifesting in your physical body. The imprinting that took place over aeons, through many lifetimes, is now culminating during this Shift in Consciousness and upon this path to the Living Light Body. The complete unity of your mental, emotional and physical bodies, as well as your spiritual body, can now take place.

During and after the process of unifying and becoming the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, you will begin to notice where your habits and patterns are out of alignment with that unity. That false imprinting is generated from third-dimensional masculine and feminine perspectives, beliefs, and habits. These can be beliefs about gender roles, gender bias, homophobia or judgments about who and what males and females are, as bodies and as personalities. Religious doctrine and cultural norms that usurped your power and your divinity are also a cause of this false imprinting.

As those expectations and beliefs start to fall away, you will begin to see through the eyes of your Soul. You will begin to clearly and objectively observe those expectations and imprinting. You can then further release the whole of this third-dimensional matrix.

How to begin to play with masculine and feminine creative energies

  • Create separate lists of masculine and feminine words and be one word each day.
  • Become consciously aware of how you create and which energies you use. Notice if one energetic is dominant or weaker than the other.
  • Notice where any incomplete projects or creations stalled and consider what energetic was involved in the halting of it. What energetic is necessary to rekindle it?
  • Watch others around you as they demonstrate balanced and imbalanced feminine and masculine creative energy. Notice the weakness or dominance.

* The Teachers of Light are a collective of Archangels and Ascended Masters who orchestrate a specific pathway of tools and instructions for humanity to step out of the third dimension and into the higher realms of awareness.

Jim and Roxane are authors of A Course in Mastering Alchemy: Tools to Shift, Transform and Ascend and Spirit Matters: Down to Earth Tools for a Spirited Life. They are international teachers, offering the personal energy management tools of Mastering Alchemy. They co-create the Mastering Alchemy programs with the Teachers of Light, a collective of Archangels and Ascended Masters whom Jim has been in communication with since childhood.

Written By JIM & ROXANE
Originally Appeared On A Course in Mastering Alchemy

What are Your Divine Feminine and Masculine Creative Energies?
Divine Feminine and Masculine Creative Energies?
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