What Are Light Beings And How To Communicate With Them

Light Beings Communicate With Them

2. Dream visitation

Another way to connect with light beings is through your dreams. Perhaps this is why some bereaved individuals often dream of deceased loved ones. Patrick McNamara, Ph.D., associate Professor of Neurology at Boston University School of Medicine writes “visitation dreams might be one source of the widespread belief in life after death – a core idea for conceptions of the soul and religion.

According to research, dreams are often associated with religious beliefs and types of religious cognition, particularly supernatural agent (SA) cognitions. The researchers also suggest that “some psychiatric symptoms such as dissociative states and delusions have been linked with REM parasomnias and intrusion of REM into waking consciousness.” Regardless of the psychology and the science associated with dreams, religion and the supernatural, you can contact light beings while dreaming simply by setting the right intentions before sleeping to get it manifested in the dreamscape.

3. Astral projection

Astral travel is a divine way to encounter and interact with energy beings, like a light being on the astral plane or in a different dimensional realm. Astral projection or astral travel is an ancient concept that can be found in various cultures. It refers to the idea of out-of-body experience (OBE) where the astral body or our consciousness or soul deliberately moves out of our physical body and travels through the universe and different dimensions and realms. Live Science explains that astral travel is yet to be proven scientifically “because mainstream scientists are closed-minded and refuse to even look at evidence that doesn’t fit their narrow worldview.

Our physical body is made up of normal matter and limits our consciousness to the general laws of time and space. However, our astral body is composed of ether and a replica of our physical body. Psychologist Susan Blackmore, Ph.D., explains “We can now see where astral projection fits in because the astral body can leave the physical and etheric bodies behind and go traveling on the astral planes.” By mastering astral travel, you can successfully contact light beings and even interact with them.

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Light beings as interstellar travelers 

As our planet’s energetic fields are evolving, as our consciousness keeps growing, more and more people are being able to contact higher dimensional beings. This is one of the reasons why UFO sighting reports have increased manifold in the past few decades. Energy beings are often of extraterrestrial nature from an unknown dimension or realm. Many people believe that aliens from other galaxies who travel through interstellar space to visit Earth can also be regarded as light beings. These spiritual sentient creatures are composed of light, sound and energy, even though they may take a humanoid appearance. In fact, some people even believe that the ‘light orb’ phenomenon is also associated with energy beings. These are mystical entities from another universe that are often invisible to the naked eye. Some people even believe that light orbs are associated with crop circles, which is a common element of the UFO phenomenon. 

What Are Light Beings And How To Communicate With Them
What Are Light Beings And How To Communicate With Them

In a way, UFOs and spaceships that we can often see in the news can be considered as proof of the existence of these light beings who are the harbinger of love and light on humanity.

Why light beings visit us

The beings of pure light may be described as angelic entities in the Bible who descended from the stars and heaven or the Universe. These angels, aliens or energy beings come to our world to help us, guide us and show us how to reach our fullest potential and enable us to evolve spiritually. They interact with us telepathically so that we are able to open our minds to the spiritual realm and expand our beliefs beyond what we can see with our eyes. Light beings aim to increase our collective consciousness. They are here to enhance our genetic codes and empower us to reach a higher dimension.

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They are here to enrich our spiritual nature and strengthen our latent psychic abilities. By communicating with them and awakening our multidimensional powers, we can collectively raise the vibration of Earth and of all life.

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  1. I am experiencing portals opening in my bedroom between 1 and 5 am. I also have seen 2 figures in my room. My room is dimly lit at night by the new age music channel on my tv. One of the beings was approximately 2 foot tall with long black hair. Didnt see its face. The orher one i thought it was one of my cats but it wasn’t. It was solid white and whe it walked away it walked on its hind legs.Then i began to see writing on the wall first in goldish/ silver then hot pink and black. Then another night it was animals and another night symbols and geometric patterns. If i turn the light on i can’t see anything. Has anyone else had any of these experiences????

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