What 2019 Has in Store for You Based on Your Birth Month

9. If you’re born in SEPTEMBER:

If you are born in the month of September, your strongest virtues are balance and logical thinking and your deepest needs are love, romance, and social harmony.

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2019 will be the year of relationships. You may meet someone unexpectedly and share a bond that will transform your life forever.

You may also face an existential crisis of sorts in the beginning of the year but it will help you to explore the deeper meaning of life.

Avoid getting stuck in the rut of old memories and move on. Try to remain positive and follow your heart.


10. If you’re born in OCTOBER:

If you are born in the month of October, you are one of the most intense zodiac signs.
We know that you do not wear your heart on your sleeves and do not give away your heart easily.

But 2019 will bring some wonderful people in your life and you will enter into exciting relationships.

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You have some great ideas and you would want to turn them into an additional source of income.

The emphasis is on long-term goals be it work or relationships and you will also be inclined to explore new thoughts or spiritual paths.


11. If you’re born in NOVEMBER:

If you are born in the month of November, your strongest virtues are ambition, drive, generosity, innovation and exploration and your strongest needs are freedom and seeking challenge.

2019 will be the year that will bring so much joy to you that you will overflow with happiness. Get ready to receive the blessings!

You may experience some financial stress this year but you need to be aggressive and ambitious to overcome all these hurdles.

Let go of all outdated concepts, habits, and relationships that no longer serve you.


12. If you’re born in DECEMBER:

If you are born in the month of December, you are industrious, efficient and disciplined.

You will be in a relaxed and reflective mode in 2019. You will make time for laughter and play and love along with work.

Your efforts and plans will be supported, which will increase your confidence and enthusiasm.

Romance is also supported during this time, so make an effort to reach out and meet new people. Chances are you will meet someone with whom you will strike a beautiful bond.

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What 2019 Has in Store for You Based on Your Birth Month

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