Your Predictions for the New Week, August 06 – August 10, 2018


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General Predictions for the New Week: August 06 – August 10, 2018

General Predictions for the New WeekOkay, admittedly, this is a 5-day period, and not a complete week as I call it, but there is a very good reason for this. On the 11th of the month the third and last Eclipse of this Ecliptic period is happening, and an article about it is coming. Of course its influence is already affecting us, but here we’ll focus on some other, more immediate aspects.

There are two important changes happening in the sky during these days. First, on August 6th Venus enters its second home, Libra. The other is that the almost immovable Uranus turns Retrograde on the 7th, in Taurus. When this happens, 60% of the planets will be in retrograde motion. This is the greatest retrograde activity of the year and it will last until the 18th of the month, when Mercury will turn back to direct motion.

So, even without the Solar Eclipse coming, we need to take things easy. Relaxing our schedules and thinking things over is a wise strategy for about anything. Research for anything and everything is also supported.
Uranus encourages changing. It is in the extremely steady Taurus and gently restricted (or blessed, if you prefer) by the Retrograde Saturn in Capricorn. These conditions has made changes slow and careful when we initiate them, but also they could create very unbalanced ones, because of the incompatibility of the energies. Whatever the case, we’ve moved towards a direction in some aspects of our lives. Now that Uranus turns retrograde it’s time to take a step back and think. Do we like the changes we are creating, or accepting? Do we do them the best possible way? Do we need to change, slightly or not, our methods and targets? These are what the Retrograde Uranus will help us see and realise.

In the same time, though, if we keep on our efforts, more difficulties may occur. This doesn’t mean we should stop trying. It’s the Universe asking us, “Are you sure this is what you want?” If we are certain, we should follow our path. We get ready for the difficulties, and for working harder, but we proceed. If we aren’t certain, we rethink our methods and targets. By proceeding, despite the difficulties, the Universe will bring help, too. Maybe a person whose help we needed but we couldn’t find them, now appears. Things like this can happen.

From the 6th till early in the 8th of the month, the Moon will be in Gemini, supporting Venus’ new position. Then, on the 10th it will enter Leo and, once again, it will also support Venus’ new position. This will make Venus’ influences from Libra quite clear from the very beginning. Fine arts and their artists receive support and good luck. Our social life gets a little more active. Our love life gets a little more social. This means, socialising with our current love can help us built a stronger and healthier relationship with them, but also, if we are searching for a new love, socialising will help us make this wish come true.

Internet socialising, can also work. On that note, sites and services, or methods, we used in the past with no gain, now may give results. People we chatted with and lost contact with, may come back. In some cases they can be new people reminding us of our previous attempts. These blessings are coming from the Retrograde Mars which is getting ready to leave Aquarius, but it’s still there, cooperating harmoniously with Venus.

Finally, the air signs will be the most blessed signs of the week. If you belong to one of these, try to make the best out of it.

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