Weekly Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign (16th Jan to 22nd Jan)

Zodiac Weekly Horoscope Poster 16Jan to 22Jan part 1

Aries: This will be time to sort out your priorities. Get back to your roots and connect with your family. Your childhood and upbringing will help you unlock a lot of future potentials.

Taurus: You will find yourself to be more direct and open with others. You might need to forgive someone in order to move on with your life. Work and finances will speed up by the end of the week.

Gemini: Your travel plans and romantic relationships might take a minor blow during the Mercury Retrograde that falls on the 14th but the full moon on the 17th will ease the blow and you will enjoy the rest of the week.

Cancer: If you have been ignoring your own happiness the Wolf Moon of the 17th Jan will make you shift your focus to self-love and a little “me time”. As the week progresses you will get busy with a passionate project.

Leo: Take care of your mental health and personal well-being. After 17th Jan, prospects of a romantic relationship will get stronger; however, be mindful of the fair exchange of energy within the relationship.

Virgo: Your social networking will help you meet someone who will be very important for your future. Following this meetup, things will flow very swiftly and quickly. Don’t forget to take a break and ground your energies.

Zodiac Weekly Horoscope Poster 16Jan to 22Jan part 2
Weekly Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign (16th Jan to 22nd Jan)

Libra: The Mercury Retrograde will force you to hit the brakes on a creative project. A change in direction is necessary to make the most of the healing energy of the full moon and improve the stressful situation of your life.

Scorpio: Even when the going gets tough, you will need to boost your confidence and get ready to take up any challenge that comes your way. You will start seeing good results by the end of the week.

Sagittarius: Miscommunication and rumors might hamper your life thanks to the Mercury Retrograde. But due to the calming energies of the Wolf Moon, you will be able to sort out everything real quick.

Capricorn: The first Mercury Retrograde of 2022 is going to bring your attention to your finances, including Investments, savings, and all kinds of financial strategies. The full moon of 17 Jan will ask you to let go of all baggage and make space for a new love.

Aquarius: You will need to pay attention to your health. With a sound body and mind, you will be able to enjoy your birthday season more. Your social life will get a glow-up during this period.

Pisces: The full moon of the 17th will make you shed all worn out and self-limiting beliefs. It will be a time to move past the criticism and toxic behaviors of others and embrace your well-deserved success.


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