This Is What Does Your Wedding Date Reveals About Your Marriage

 March 17, 2018

This Is What Does Your Wedding Date Reveals About Your Marriage


Numerology claims that the date of the wedding speaks a lot about the marriage itself and determines its fate, so try to calculate your marriage number and find out more.

Collect the dates from the wedding date (day, month, year) until you get a one-digit number. Then discover its meaning.


Number 1 –  Perfect Romantics

Number 1 is dominated by the Sun that shows that in this marriage the most important is mutual trust and optimism. The choice of this date reveals a tender and loving couple who met very romantically.



Number 2 –  The reason for the marriage are the children

The moon is the ruler of the number two, so there are two possible extremes – either you will have a flaming celebration or a modest, in the circle of your loved ones. Emotional maturity is most important for the success of marriage, but a good deal of those who are married on this date do so only to have children.



Number 3 –  A possible marriage of interest

Jupiter rules this marriage number, which indicates that it is the perfect date for a marriage of material interests. But from this marriage you should not expect too much, only that is surely many children.



Number 4 –  Fidelity for eternity

Saturn is the ruler of this number, and such couples well thought out all the responsibilities and ultimately decided on. Coupled couples who will always cooperate for common success usually choose this number.



Number 5 –  Communication with your partner is important

Mercury is the ruler of this marriage, so it does not matter that the need for quality communication with the partner, which is the basis of this marriage, is emphasized. There is no boredom, something always happens, and the real examples of this type of marriage are those who have married many young people.



Number 6 –  Marriage is the most important thing in life

Venus is responsible for these marriages in which apparently only love, tenderness, happiness, and peace exist and survive. The partners in this marriage are always faithful because that community is the most important thing they once had.



Number 7 –  Changes to the plans are necessary

Unpredictable Uranus is responsible for the marriage that can be wrong and not always wise because the two partners want a lot of personal freedom, so surprises are not uncommon. Changes are the only constant in these marriages.



Number 8 –  Marital happiness lies in sex

The complexity of these marital partners leads Mars, so it’s no wonder that a good deal of happiness is dependent on sex. The partners understand in a single way, so they are bound by the first meeting. Therefore, they will agree in every segment of everyday life.



Number 9 –  Love overcomes obstacles

Neptune governs this number that from the outset points to a difficult and complicated relationship, compared to others towards this couple, which nevertheless succeeds. When a marriage fits on such a date, it becomes fateful and no longer separated.