The fear of compromising their freedom and being "tied down" by their partner.

The fear of instability and unpredictability in a relationship.

The fear of boredom and the lack of intellectual and meaningful conversations.

The fear of getting hurt emotionally and their vulnerability taken advantage of.

The fear of having to share the spotlight with their partner and not being able to call the shots in the relationship.

The fear of imperfection and flaws in their partner and a lack of control.

The fear of conflict in a relationship and having to deal with serious arguments.

The fear of betrayal, dishonesty and loss of trust in the relationship.

The fear of loss freedom and having to sacrifice their adventurous and spontaneous nature.

The fear of failure and not being able to fulfill their goals due to their relationship.

The fear of emotional intimacy, and vulnerability because they don't want to get hurt.

The fear of loving someone with their all and getting their heart broken.