You are a relentless person but sometimes you tend to be arrogant, demanding, and impulsive.

You are known to be materialistic and stubborn. You love being comfortable and relaxed but it can often burden your finances or health. 

Your thoughts race quickly from one thing to the next making you unable to stick to decisions. You love to gossip and can be judgmental or sarcastic sometimes.

You may have a creative personality but you’re also hypersensitive and prone to mood swings. Your temper is unpredictable and when things don’t go your way, you become vindictive as hell.

You’re proud, but when taken to the extreme, you become dominating and this quality of yours can become negative. Your ego is your worst enemy as it makes you boastful and pushes others away.

You’re a perfectionist by nature, but it can lead you to being obsessive, controlling and damn critical about everything.

Despite having charm, you find yourself struggling with indecisiveness, attention-seeking and a people-pleasing habit.

Your impatient and vengeful nature is your most toxic personality trait. You get angry easily and sometimes say things that are hurtful.

You don’t have a filter and say inappropriate things at the wrong time. People think of you as someone who is irresponsible and immature.

You’re dedicated but tend to ignore the needs of your loved ones because of work. You hardly take a break and are consumed with the thought of success.

You tend to be sarcastic with your jokes but in a hurtful way. Since you don’t really care about what others think, you say inappropriate things purposely to hurt someone’s feelings.

You’re artsy and creative but it also makes you a little self-absorbed and narcissistic. You think that others are not capable of having the same intellect as you.