What Flowers for the Birth Months Say About Your Unique Personality Traits?

It symbolizes fascination and admiration.

January -Carnation

It symbolizes  trust and honesty.

 February — Violet 

It reflects qualities of optimism and renewal. 

March — Daffodil

It exudes purity and cheerfulness.

 April — Daisy

It represents sweetness and humility.

May — Lily of the Valley 

It represents passion and romance.

June — Rose

It represents positivity and humor.

July — Larkspur

It reflects strength and integrity. 

August — Gladiolus

It reflects traits of wisdom and patience.

September — Aster

It radiates positivity and energy.

October — Marigold

This flower symbolizes loyalty and devotion.

November — Chrysanthemum

This flower embraces the spirit of the season.

December — Poinsettia