Urban Legends 

From Around The World


The Hookman

A tale of a young couple terrorized by a hook-handed maniac while parked at a secluded lover's lane.

La Llorona


 A ghostly figure of a woman who drowned her children and now roams rivers and lakes, crying and searching for them..


The Black Volga

 A legend from Poland about a black Volga limousine that abducts children, believed to be driven by vampires, and other sinister forces.



 A Japanese urban legend about a woman who wears a surgical mask and asks if she is beautiful. Revealing her disfigured face, she attacks those who respond negatively.


The Tokoloshe

A mischievous and evil spirit in Zulu mythology, known to cause trouble and even death, often invisible and called upon by malevolent people to harm others. 


The Min Min Lights

Mysterious lights that appear in the outback of Australia, often reported to follow travelers, leading to tales of supernatural activity.


The Elevator Game

A supernatural ritual that involves riding an elevator alone to different floors in a specific sequence. It is believed that if performed correctly, it allows the player to enter an alternate dimension or parallel world.