You indulge in self-criticism or negative self-talk It involves constantly putting yourself down, calling yourself names or tell yourself that you're not good enough.



You strive for toxic perfectionism You hold yourself to impossibly high standards, beat yourself up when you make the smallest mistakes leading to self-doubt.


You undermine yourself with self-sabotage Engaging in self-destructive behaviors leading to negative consequences, such as missed opportunities or damaged relationships.


You're constantly comparing yourself to others Comparing yourself and feeling like you're coming up short. This toxic habit can leave you feeling jealous, even resentful toward others.


You struggle with accepting compliments You downplay or dismiss compliments, feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed, or feeling like the compliment is undeserved.


You self-neglect or have difficulty saying ‘NO’ You neglect your own needs and have a tough time saying "No". You prioritize work or other obligations over self-care.


You're not in tune with yourself, lacking self-awareness You find it difficult to recognize issues in your life leading to a lack of direction or purpose, feeling like a passenger in your own ride.