You are an energetic person but you attract the exact opposite – the lazy and clingy breed. Your energy is infectious, and every time you enter a room, you become the center of attention, without even trying.

Your sense of loyalty towards others, especially your loved ones is your biggest virtue, and that is one of the reasons why you tend to extract manipulative people in your life.

A Gemini has a very different kind of personality. Because of your popular and intelligent nature, you tend to attract some of the most toxic people, mostly the cliquey ones.

You are a very genuine person who always has everyone’s best interests at heart, and never intentionally puts anyone down. Despite you being like this, you tend to attract many snobs your way.

You are an incredibly generous sign, who is always there for others, and who goes out of their way to support their loved ones. Unfortunately, the type you attract is shameless rebounders and arrogant people.

Virgos are people-pleasers, and you think about everyone around you, way too much. However, this can sometimes attract attention seekers who are drawn to your caring and giving nature.

You’re a kind-hearted person who just wants to help those in need. But instead, you keep attracting crybabies who suck the life out of you like emotional vampires.

Being natural healers, you are like a pilgrim for broken people. At the same time, you are a very strong person, inside and out. So, is it really a surprise that you attract narcissists, who are some of the most toxic people out there.

You’re a true rebel at heart – fiercely independent and unapologetically yourself. This results in you attracting people who are downright jealous of your ability to stay so free-spirited in such a competitive and brutal world.

You are dead serious about your relationships and the person you love. This is how you come across random people who are seeking to be accepted and appreciated but have absolutely no intention of genuinely loving you.

You are down to earth and sometimes end up trusting people too easily. But unfortunately, sometimes you are subjected to the cruelest of treatments from bullies who are actively looking for people to project their frustrations on.

You have a gentle and kind soul, which draws people towards you, including toxic people such as drama addicts. They try their level best to use your kind nature for their own selfish needs.