Making Assumptions

Always arriving at the worst possible conclusion about situations or people


The habit of keeping things pending makes us miss out on deadlines and perform poorly.

Holding On To  The Past

It’s important to let go of the past and move on with our head held high.

Living In The  Comfort Zone

Never venturing out of our comfort zone causes self-worth to deteriorate.

Comparing Yourself With Others

It gradually but steadily make us believe that we are not destined for happiness.

Not Planning

It is advisable to have a specific plan or a To-Do list for every day to get out of any funk.


It leads us to people-pleasing, over-working, and other unhealthy practices.

Lack Of Boundaries

Lack of boundaries leads to mistreatment by others and this, in turn, gives way to poor self-esteem.

Unhealthy Coping Skills

Depending on anything that is not good for us in the long run is toxic.

Not Taking Ownership

Must take ownership of our lives and start taking action to improve.