Lines From Bridgerton

Top 10 Swoonworthy


The ‘ton’ is set to return this week on the 16th of May. However, as we wait for the new season of Bridgerton to premiere, here is a list of some of the most romantic quotes from the previous seasons that will surely set your heart aflutter.

I love you. I've loved you from the moment we raced each other in that park. I've loved you at every dance, on every walk, every time we've been together and every time we've been apart. You do not have to accept it, you do not have to embrace it, or even allow it. Knowing you, you probably will not. But, you must know it, in your heart. You must feel it because I do. I love you.

~Lord Anthony Bridgerton

To meet a beautiful woman is one thing, but to meet your best friend in the most beautiful of women is something entirely apart.

~Simon Basset

True love is something else entirely. It s when the rest of the world goes quiet. It is not eyes that meet, but souls that dance. Settle into each other. Make room for each other. Until there is nowhere else to hide.

~Kate Sharma

I love all of you. Even the parts that you believe are too dark and too shameful. Every scar. Every flaw. Every imperfection. I love you.

~Daphne Bridgerton

You are the bane of my existence and the object of all my desires.

~Lord Anthony Bridgerton

It has been you. It has been you this entire time. Spinning my world off its axis, making me reconsider everything I have ever told myself.

~Kate Sharma

Losing Edmund was the most difficult time of my life. And the pain that I felt… beyond description. But there is one thing that has given me at least some modicum of solace. It’s knowing that I would still choose the life I led with him each and every time. And I would undoubtedly feel the same pain I felt all over again if I had to because real, true love is worth it.

~Violet Bridgerton

I have never met anyone like you. It is maddening, how much you consume my very being.

~Lord Anthony Bridgerton

Everything I told the queen was true. I cannot stop thinking of you. From the mornings you ease, to the evenings you quiet, to the dreams you inhabit, my thoughts of you never end. I am yours.

~Simon Basset

I am your family now. We shall make our own family, you and me.

~Colin Bridgerton