Film, television, music, and literature have often delved into the mythical Atlantis, but beyond these tales lie real-life sunken cities lost to the depths of the ocean. Throughout history, numerous towns have been submerged due to climate shifts or natural calamities. Swipe for 7 such cities!

The submerged city of Baiea, known as the Las Vegas of ancient Rome, was a hedonistic retreat for Romans. Likely sunk due to volcanic activity, it now lies under 20 feet of water. Remarkably well-preserved, its 2000-year-old remains are still visible underwater.

Baiea, Italy

Discovered in 1988, Dwarka, the "Gateway to Heaven," lies 100 feet underwater, with ancient structures and artifacts dating back millennia.

Dwarka, India

Discovered in 1967, 5000-year-old Pavlopetri, the oldest underwater city, reveals a near-complete Mycenaean town under 3-12 feet of water.

Pavlopetri, Greece

Founded around 540 BC, Phanagoria, reportedly ancient Greece's largest city and capital of the Bosporan Kingdom, now partially submerged, remains a rich archaeological site.

Phanagoria, Russia

In the 1920s, San Pedro attracted homebuyers with its scenic charm and new bungalows near Point Fermin. A gradual landslide from underestimated coastal erosion displaced homes, leaving only graffiti-marked concrete remnants visible today.

Point Fermin, Los Angeles

Port Royal sank due to a 1692 earthquake and tsunami, submerging the pirate haven. Today, it's an underwater city, preserved for diving.

Port Royal, Jamaica