Arians get depressed when they can't connect with their inner fire, being more active is their fix.

Taureans don't get depressed easily, activities that appeal to their senses is their fix.

Depression passes quickly for the Gemini; they need to confront their pains instead of evading.

The sentimental Cancer is vulnerable to depression, their trigger is "nobody loves me".

Leos hide their hurtfrom the world, feeling insulted can lead to depression.

Virgos see depression as a weakness, their practical thinking alleviates depression.

Librans don't let feelings affect them deeply, socializing more works for them when depressed.

Scorpions go all out with the negativity when depressed, relationship issues are common triggers.

Upbeat Sagittarians don't dwell in depression for long, finding pleasure in the little things helps.

Pessimistic Capricorns easily become downbeat, learning to let go is their fix

Aquarians are carefree, but nobody understanding their ideas triggers depression.

Pisceans suffer in silence when depressed, fighting off the victim mentality will help.