You need someone who will challenge you. Someone who always has new ideas and helps you to grow. Someone you cherish and someone who is a leader in their own way.

Your ideal soulmate is someone who understands your creativity and helps you achieve it. You simply want your relationship with them to thrive by sharing deep thoughts and desires with each other.

You want a partner who is simplistic and makes you feel at home. You always find yourself in between chaos, you want them to be your refuge and make you feel down-to-earth.

Your ideal soulmate is someone who makes you the happiest and chooses you all the time and doesn’t break your heart. You can honestly be around them happily for hours and days without getting bored.

You want your soulmate to be “out of your league”. Someone who you can show off to the world, but also someone who keeps you happy. You want them to be worth all your affection and admiration.

You want a soulmate with whom you have a telepathic connection. They provide you with reassurance and adoration because they have found true love in you. Everything seems different and better with them.

You want a soulmate who is as responsible and caring as you are. Someone who makes you whole and that you’re enough for them, no matter what. Someone who reveals their true self to you.

Your soulmate is the one who you let into your inner world. Someone who thinks you are “ enough” for them. Someone who is worth the time and effort and makes you believe in true love.

Your soulmate is someone who makes you believe in settling down. Someone who changes your life in ways you couldn’t have imagined. And someone who makes your life better by just existing.

You’re often misunderstood by others, so your ideal soulmate is someone who is able to see the real you. Someone who respects you, but also makes you feel desirable.

Your ideal soulmate is someone who shares interests as you and someone you connect with intellectually. They’re like your mental match and challenge you, but in a nurturing way.

Your soulmate is the person who you feel a divine connection with. Someone who doesn’t constraint you, but instead makes you feel liberated. With whom you feel an intense connection of love.