1. Kick-start Christmas 2023! Who says you have to wait until mid-December to start celebrating? One of the fun ways to celebrate Christmas is by hanging lights and decorating your home early starting Thanksgiving.

1.  Kick-start Christmas!

1. Kick-start Christmas 2023! Making an old-fashioned advent calendar with secret gifts for each day or an individualized daily present routine is the best!

2. Annual Advent Calendar Tradition

1. Kick-start Christmas 2023! Let December be a month of small, meaningful acts. Surprise them with stickers and candy, handmade coupons or other festive accessories on a daily basis.

3. Spread Love With Daily Gifts

1. Kick-start Christmas 2023! Prepare addresses, enjoy carols, and send heartfelt Christmas cards. Share personal messages to bring joy to friends and family, near or far.

4. Send Heartfelt Christmas Greetings

1. Kick-start Christmas 2023! Put on Santa hat, get an ugly sweater, or dress up for that holiday party. Your attire should show how excited you are about Christmas.

5. Wear Your Festive Spirit

1. Kick-start Christmas 2023! Bake cookies or make something special for your neighbors, friends and those who may lose themselves during the celebrations.

6. Give Back To The Community

1. Kick-start Christmas 2023!  Hosting your own Xmas party complete with gift or ornament exchange. Don't forget to go to other parties too !

7. Host And Attend Festive Parties

Spend time with loved ones and check out light displays and holiday performances; think of this as a grand finale to December month’s celebration.

8. Make The Most of The Final Week

Just pause for a moment to appreciate it all. Enjoy evenings by the fire surrounded by holiday lights. Look back on the year gone by!

9. Reflect and Relax in the Final Week

End the month on an organized note by planning for the next year!

10. Plan For Next Christmas