Virtual Carol Karaoke

All you gotta do is ask your most daring people to take on the task of singing.

Guess The Gift 

Among the ideas for virtual holiday party, this one is my favorite.

DIY Ornament Showoff 

Make everyone create an ornament out of whatever they can find in the house.

Eggnog Chug Challenge

Convert the eggnog drinking festivity to a competition and see who can drink the most.

Santa’s Worst Helper 

Award those ideas that are worst in the sense of being a, impractical, and just a whole lot creative.

Dressing Your Pet

What could be more fun dressing your pet in those red cockroach antlers?

Holiday Quizzes

 Use Kahoot or QuizUp to ask those fun questions about holiday facts.

Make a Virtual Gingerbread House

 You can use a virtual drawing board to create a gingerbread house.

Virtual Escape Room

You will find several platforms online provide for virtual escape rooms.

Can You Wrap the Gift?

You can also wrap a gift in these virtual holiday party ideas and it would be just as fun.