1. They pay attention to every detail

They remember the stories you tell, the way you take your coffee or even the fact that you get cold easily. 

2. They make time for you 

Life gets busy for everyone, but when someone truly values you, they find ways to fit you into their hectic schedule.

3. They stand up for you in front of others

They won't let anyone put you down or treat you unfairly.  At the same time, they care enough to give you honest feedback, but they do it privately.

4. They always look out for you

Whether it’s calling to remind you that you haven’t eaten yet, texting to check if you arrived home safely, or simply being present for you as a friend, their actions prove that they are thinking of you.

5. They see you for who you are

They cherish your  individuality – all those little habits, eccentricities, and traits that define make you , you

6. They make you their priority

They consider your needs and feelings when making decisions. Whether it's making time for you, supporting your goals, or being there when you need them most, they show through their actions that you matter to them.

7. They give you space when you need it

Instead of being clingy or demanding constant attention, they respect your need for space and give it to you without making you feel guilty.

8. They make sacrifices for you

This could be giving up their time, changing their plans, or making compromises to support you or make your life easier.