We Kept A Memory in Every Corner of Life

I used to think we hold on to memories deep within our mind… little did I know, we hold so much more

We kept a memory in the sparkly sky
Of the night we lay near the fire underneath the twinkling lights
Singing love songs on your guitar
Whispering wishes upon the stars

We kept a memory in the music of the rain
With each drop of water falling to the ground
Our worries and sorrows shall slowly be gone

We kept a memory in the breeze of the wind
Of a wish to be free from the pain rest within
As we close our eyes and feel the wind on our skin

We kept a memory in the cold of the night
Savoring what is left till it’s time to rest our eyes
With a book in one hand and a warm drink in the other
Spending some time with ourselves which compares to no other


– Naomi Karsudjono 

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Born in a rural village within a forest in Sumatera, and now recides in a small town in Borneo, Indonesia, I live a simple life with my family. I enjoy painting, gardening, and sewing in the morning. Later in the night I pour my heart in words and share them with the world.
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