We aren’t living. Look around

We aren't living. Look around
Sarrvesh Waran

We aren’t living.
Look around.
We are running.
With our works we are bound.
We could run all our lives
And still not have that inner peace.
Because life is to live,
And that’s the puzzle’s
most important piece.

Debra Pry

Slow down and Savor
the moments in life.
The wheel keeps turning.

Barbara Bauer

Running like a hamster
in the wheel of life.

Wendy Berman

Round and round we go,
when will it stop?
I don’t know.

Sarrvesh Waran

The fallacy of the wheel of life.

Ceona Chambers

How do you reach the end,
when you keep beginning again?

Karthik Parthasarathy

Running the circle of life,
Day after day, week after week,
Not knowing the reason,
Not caring about the season,
Always with an eye on the future,
Not a second to enjoy the present.
The state that life has come to,
Need to stop to smell the roses.

Rinku Shah

Day after day,
In a habitual way.
We keep going on
Pause… to weigh
the pros and con.
Routine is a must,
Gives you a thrust.
Take a break,
Memories to make.
Every now and then
If not now, then when?

Roma Manglani

Run, run and run
Just like every one
From Mon to Sun
Doing so much,
yet nothing getting done
Break the cycle,
look around
Embrace the bliss
that surround
Heed your heart’s feeble sound
Infinite happiness
is yet to be found

Severina Afrodita

I’m the coolest professional
you’ve ever met,
looking sharper,
smarter than you do, I bet.
Not having a routine and order
makes me so upset.
But secretly I feel like a giant rat,
living this kind of life
fills me up with regret!

Johnny Lee Sears Jr

Simply walking through the week,
like one day will be different from the next.
But nothing ever changes,
if you never change anything.


M Jeyaram

Life is a treadmill;
you will be dubbed
as run-of-the-mill stuff,
the moment you stop keeping
pace with life.


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