Ways Each Zodiac Sign Keeps You Around Without Committing To You

 August 13, 2019

Ways Each Zodiac Sign Keeps You Around Without Committing To You

7. Libra


While good Libras seek balance in the positive aspects of life, opportunists on the other hand tend to seek to balance out their schemes. Libras are master schemers, and are adept in maintaining a surprising emotional balance. You’ll find them introducing you to their family members, friends and relatives as if you’re their priority.

This keeps you blindfolded, as a result you’re unable to see their real face underneath. Their attempt of balancing out stuff are far beyond anyone’s comprehension, unless someone is suspicious of them.


8. Scorpio

As a zodiac sign, Scorpios tend to be the most mysterious. They’ll play around in times of peace and show little to no trace of their original self. They are masters in hiding the truth in the dark .They can entice people to fall into their trap. While they are unsure of commitment, they make sure to make others dedicate themselves to them.

They are so intensely passionate that once someone tastes the chalice of their love, they would happily dedicate their entire lives in the Scorpio’s service. They make use of their charming and mysterious nature to lure others into the illusion of dedication. 

9. Sagittarius

Sagittarius themselves are commitment phobics but are very adept at flirting. They make use of their happy-go-lucky nature to false promises of a happy and secure future. People fail to see the farce in them because they are very headstrong and these others mistake as determination.

What their partners believe as a hard working, determined person working for their joint future actually turns out to be a self-absorbed and ambitious person working for their own success.


10. Capricorn

Capricorn is very hard working, determined and ambitious in nature. For them work is over everything else. They intentionally choose a lifestyle and a partner who would support them in their endeavours. Sometimes to achieve this success they end up using their partner as a resource.

The partner on the other hand keeps believing in the Capricorn because of the affection that they feed their partners, just to make sure they keep providing the support and affection they require to move forward in life.


11. Aquarius

Aquarius lack emotional openness which comes off to others as being unapproachable. They resist emotional pain and hence, they absolutely detest the idea of a committed relationship. So to say, the Aquarians who are whimsical in nature would go for a one-night stand over a committed relationship, any-day.

So the very need to create an illusion of false romantic devotion is invalid for them. They just do not want to get involved in all these.


12. Pisces

Piscesians are the slowest to commit to any romantic relationship. Piscesians are extremely sensitive, empathetic and considerate of other people’s feelings.The optimistic Pisces love to live in the fantasy world more than be trashed by reality.

This very characteristic instigates them to make false promises of future prospects which they often use as a tool to create a falsified sense of security for their partner; while they themselves remain carefree.

But remember, even after all these Piscesians are not the devil you think they are. 

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Ways Each Zodiac Sign Keeps You Around Without Committing To You

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