10 Painless Ways To Turn Your Struggles Into Strength

turn your struggles into strength

6. Stop keeping tabs on others.

The worst way of robbing ourselves of happiness is by comparing. Even if it’s a crush… going to his/her Instagram page every day will make you crazy. There’s no point.

Let life unfold how it’s meant to, and take yourself out of the suffering game by not competing in it. Don’t compare, don’t compete, don’t focus on any of that if you want to feel relief.

7. Take another look at your personal narrative.

How do you view that past relationship? Have you really let go of those beliefs you once held?

More often than not, the same stories we’ve written before continue to show up so we can change them. Most of it starts with our belief in ourselves. What do you think you’re worthy of?

8. Change your beliefs by replacing them with new ones.

I once thought I wasn’t deserving of living my best life and as a result, I had immense pain in my life: the Universe was only responding to my belief, causing it to show up so I could see it.

I learned the hard way to let that belief go. Sometimes I’ll witness a thought show up and as the observer of that thought, I’ll think, “Mmm that’s a scary belief to have. Replace it.” So without beating myself up for the original belief, I just change it to something better and move on.

9. Learn to let it go. But really, let it go.

Get good at noticing your thoughts by having the intention each day to stay present. When we are present with ourselves we are more likely to pay attention to what we think, believe, and do automatically.

It takes practice to become the observer, to believe that you have the will and determination to follow through. Taking yourself and your reactions off autopilot take time, practice, a whole lot of patience, and constant self-forgiveness. Only when we engage in being mindful are we really our most true, authentic, and connected selves.

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10. Always try your best.

You can’t suffer when you know you’re trying your best with what you have and the cards at play.

I stopped beating myself up when I started talking to myself like I am my best friend. “Hey, you’re just doing your best here. It’s okay, life doesn’t require you to be perfect.”

The trick to keeping that mindset is noticing where your focus is. Focus on what you’re doing right, be kind to yourself, and notice when you give it your all — you deserve a pat on the back (even and especially when no one’s around).

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Written by Sara Shermis  
Originally Appeared In Thought Catalog

Every time life throws you a curveball, it might hurt but try to look at the silver lining. Every failure and every setback has something to teach you. It is only when you work towards turning your struggles into strength, will you able to taste life and its lessons in its full glory. These practices will help you to let go of things you cannot control or change, find your inner strength, and also continue to grow.

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10 Painless Ways To Turn Your Struggles Into Strength
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