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Psoas Muscle Pain Relief: 5 Ways To Heal the ‘Muscle of Your Soul’   

Here are a few tips that will help you to keep your psoas muscle healthy and pain-free:

  • Make sure to avoid sitting for longer periods. And if you have to, sit with proper posture.
  • Steer clear of extreme workouts. It’s best to alternate your exercise routines.
  • Take Constructive Rest Position (CRP) which can relieve lower back pain as well as pelvic & hip tension.
  • Use support for your car seat. You may use a rolled up towel or a cushion underneath your lumbar spine. 
  • Do Resistance Flexibility exercises which can significantly help your fascia. 
  • Get professional massages from expert practitioners.
  • Get rid of stress and past emotional traumas from your mind and body. Practice meditation to release stress and keep your psoas happy.
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By strengthening your psoas and releasing stress in your ‘soul muscle’ through effective stretches, exercises and healthy lifestyle habits, you can relieve pain, reduce stiffness and enhance your movement patterns. This will also help you to move with ease, have proper balance and good posture.

A happy psoas is the secret to a stress-free, healthy and happy life.

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Psoas Muscle Pain Relief: 5 Ways To Heal the ‘Muscle of Your Soul’   

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