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5 Ways To Heal Your Distorted Inner Child

Ways To Heal Your Distorted Inner Child

We somehow have had a few bad experiences in our childhood, when we were too naive and innocent about this materialistic world. Especially being an empath, we all have faced some deep emotional wounds that sort of distorted us from within and made us either too emotional or too practical for this world.

Our mind definitely moved on, but our body or maybe our soul carried that pain, that trauma, and that distortion along with us.

As a result, very soon our body parts got affected badly. We get diagnosed with some serious ailments and also become too hard on ourselves; because directly or indirectly we were blaming our inner selves for all the bad incidences that happened to us. Also, we suffer from self-esteem issues, low confidence, pessimism, guilt, abandonment fear, etc.

Our body reacts in a different way to such traumatic experiences which are not visible initially, but gradually over the passing time, the pain, the suffering, and the sorrow accumulated somewhere in the subconscious mind start affecting our entire body.

The reason why a person with “no family history of any fatal disease” and “100℅ fitness dedication” gets diagnosed with health problems as well. So it’s very important to take care of our spiritual health as well apart from our mental and physical health.

10 ways to heal our inner child

Here are some 10 ways to heal our inner child and regain our lost self-confidence in ourselves

1. Journal about your past experience

Get a pen and a paper and write down your feelings about the incident that happened to you when u were a kid. Acknowledge it with full sincerity and try to learn what that incident taught you about life.

2. Be your own parent

I know it sounds silly, but to heal your past inner child, you have to be a positive and nurturing parent to your emotions and feelings. You have to introspect your own thoughts and keep a track of them like when a sudden trigger provokes you or makes you unstable.

3. Meditate and recall

Make sure that whenever you sit to meditate, you just recall all past moments and focus your thought on the positive aspect of that incident and forgive those negative people or negative experiences.

The more you forgive, the more you feel detached from the feelings that are haunting you for no reason. Also while meditating, watch mindfully your inner child and tell him/her that you are with him/her. Assure your inner child that you will stay with him/her forever no matter what happens.

4. Encourage and celebrate yourself

As beautifully explained by Mind expert Mel Robbins, “Good things start to happen when we become our own best friend”.Just try to be very easy with yourself and create a very amazing friendly connection with your inner self. Also never forget to congratulate yourself for your persistence and the best efforts that you are putting in to make your life better.

5. Deal with your own insecurities

Accept it or not, we all have somewhere deep hidden insecurities that we don’t wanna admit. Some of us have anger issues, some have envy, some have self-sabotaging issues, some have very emotional sid.

All these totally show how badly our inner child is affected. As the love and the affection our inner child needed a certain time was never available, it changed us in a certain way. We became introverted, aloof, very selfish, and mean. We have lost our inner authenticity in the midst of the challenges of life. So it’s our responsibility to deal with our own issues and heal them properly.