How To Cut Etheric Cords and Release Toxic Emotional Attachments

how to Release Toxic Emotional Attachments

How to cut the cords and release toxic emotional attachments?

Surgery of these etheric cords is done by our loving angels and spirit guides. They cut these etheric cords and uproot the connection by removing the other person from the field of our aura.

However, these spiritual guides do not interfere in our lives unless they are asked to. When we invoke them, they come to our rescue. Now, we will begin the process. It is an easy thing to do, as you just have to say the following words with utmost intent.

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“I ask my angels and spirit guides to help me in this task. I wish to free myself for all eternity from ___(name)___, so that both of us may go free from ties that bind and all energy attachments from the past.

It is time to move past the experiences we have shared. I am thankful for what I have learned and lessons were given, but this toxic emotional attachment is no longer needed and is holding me back and affecting my ‘now’.

With power, I now ask for all etheric cords to be cut, for all energetic cords physically connecting the two of us to be removed, dissolved, transmuted and cut free, and all energy to be returned to the original sender.

It is my intention that no more energy attachments hook onto me from ___(name)___.  With forgiveness and peace, I release them to move away from me and move on whilst I do the same.

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I now call upon Archangel Michael (or Sananda, Saint Germaine, Kwan Yin, Mother Mary) to surround me and cut away the cords and give me protection. I ask that this is complete and sealed NOW. Please cleanse my aura of negative energy and emotions, and seal it with love. Amen.”

  • After uttering the above-mentioned words you have to sit and relax.
  • Be aware of it that whatever you feel after this is just the beginning of the changes you desired.
  • The best time to do this is just before going to bed.

I wish that whoever is suffering from the pain of separation reads it and benefits oneself.

Are you ready to cut etheric cords and release toxic emotional attachments? Leave a comment below.

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